Winery & Distillery

MAP is uniquely placed in the market to design these technically challenging projects and brings an in depth understanding of all winery and distillery functions to ensure the production of world class wine and spirits.

MAP has developed master plans, architectural designs and interior designs of wineries and distilleries throughout Asia & India. Projects have included contemporary designs on Greenfield sites to the redevelopment of a distillery which dates back to the early 16th Century.

Leading brands such as Wenjun and Domaine Chandon have partnered with MAP to design corporate headquarters, production areas, visitor centres, VIP suites, and hospitality areas. MAP believes its success in this sector is due to extensive research, an international team of experts, and its combined experience across hotels, offices and infrastructure projects.

MAP’s experience working with the LVMH group has emphasized the importance of architecture and interiors that are “right for the brand”. As the wine and spirit industry is hugely competitive, MAP believes brand must be reflected in the architecture, not just on the bottle.