Tropical Villas

MAP is an Award winning designer of tropical villas, working in some of the most exotic locations around Asia, on some of the most complex geographical sites. MAP understands Tropical Villas now compete with luxury hotels, attracting a discerning and very wealthy clientele therefore the architecture and interiors must be visionary and world-class.

MAP works closely with clients to ensure the villa is a holiday in itself. This involves capturing views, smart use of natural light, use of local architectural styles and materials, and spacial organisation.

MAP’s approach to villas is completely different to primary residences. MAP seeks to nestle the villa into a garden settling melding into the environs, taking full advantage of nature and natural breezes, and seamlessly connecting indoors with out. MAP designs luxurious swimming pools and indoor-outdoor living areas which double as function areas for weddings and other special events.

MAP is mindful of the impact of such projects on the environment and locale and takes a low impact approach visually and physically. A range of ecologically sustainable ideas are presented for each project. MAP designs Villas to be operational through “brown outs” and long dry spells where water storage becomes critical. MAP knows how to design septic systems and storm water drainage and grey water storage to minimise impact on the environment. 

MAP has planned and designed over 40 Villas on Koh Samui and Phukett in Thailand, on Hainan, China, in Vietnam and on a private island in the Philippines.