Retail & Mixed-Use

MAP understands retail centres in Asia: Luxury Brand Malls, Specialist Malls, Outlet Malls and Neighbourhood Centres. It is important to define the identity of the mall, then reflect and augment the identity or the ‘Big Idea’ in all design elements.

Malls must be sustainable and, to be sustainable they must be managed. The tenant mix must be engineered carefully to provide the right retail experience (the highest rent payer is often not the best tenant for the space). At MAP, event space is recognized as a community amenity supporting the ‘Big Idea’ and continually breathing life into the centre.

Transport connections, drop off locations and connectivity to other malls and office buildings all play an important part in the design solution. Creating footfall into the centre is the first challenge, drawing the customers through the mall is the next.

Customer experience is the corner stone of a MAP retail design. MAP strategises to create a memorable first impression at arrival, giving customers confidence to explore and navigation using light, signage and landmarks.

MAP has designed and redeveloped shopping centres in China and Hong Kong working with companies such as Sino Land, MTRC and Hang Lung Real Estate.