Mass Transport, Sporting Facilities, Cultural Facilities

MAP has prepared master plans for provincial airports, urban rail stations, transport interchanges, sports stadiums and concert halls.

Mass Transport

MAP approaches infrastructure project design with the future in mind, allowing for growth and providing flexibility in function and form. Thorough understanding of the problem, MAP can create rapid rational design solutions and early identification of planning issues allows us to integrate all modes of transport and package them in simple bold forms with clear way finding. MAP is mindful of integrating transit facilities with residential developments, car parking, community amenities, retail facilities and transport interchanges.

Sporting Facilities

Society embraces the opportunity to improve and preserve its health and well-being as it is vital to our ability to work, learn, socialise and contribute. MAP designs sports and recreational facilities for the pursuit of wellness and athletic achievement. Integration of social and recreational uses ensures the involvement of people from all walks of life. MAP has a solid understanding of the patterns of use and the technical requirements for the successful design of these complex buildings.

Cultural Facilities

Museums, galleries, conference centres, theatres, music venues all play an important role in the development of cities, with some of these buildings becoming cultural icons of the city and country they’re in. MAP designs cultural facilities for the pursuit of artistic expression and for the enjoyment of all.