MAP has designed learning environments for private higher education institutions, high schools and primary schools. Projects have included master plans on greenfield sites, adding new buildings to existing campuses, redeveloping schools to accommodate more students as well as enhancing existing facilities.

MAP understands that as competition for education dollar increases, educational institutions are engaging architects to design memorable modern campuses buildings and schools which are easily recognisable and add to their reputation and brand.

MAP collaborates with clients for the best project outcomes taking into account the students and faculty members, the desired learning environment and institutional traditions as well as future development plans.

MAP designs to create next generation environments to inspire learning and discovery, to create agile environments which stand the test of time, and to allow community use after hours for more sustainable use of the facilities.

MAP connects the knowledge and experience of educators with the energy and enthusiasm of students and communities. The design process fuses observation, collaboration and knowledge sharing to create healthy and aware learning environments.